Dear Dr. Wolf,

I hope everyone who reads this will make an appointment with you as soon as possible so that their health and quality of life will improve as much as mine after being under your care. They would have an opportunity to have one of the most caring and dynamic physicians extend the latest and most extensive care options available. They would meet an excellent role model who has taught me numerous ways to improve my health. They would be energized by your presence and confident that the best choices in health care are available to them. I am feeling the best I have ever felt in my life.
Thank you.

Mark Escalante

Dear Dr. Wolf,

I am quite impressed with the TS Wiley Protocol. I am 77 years old. I had tried the static dose for a couple of years and it really didn’t do what I wanted. I have been on the TS Wiley Protocol for a few months. It is like going through puberty. There have been so many changes. The biggest one, of course, is my sex life. I went from being almost numb inside to having intense, explosive continuous orgasms. It is so fantastic that it is beyond words. I started a menstrual period again and my figure has changed. I never had any butt and was flat as a board. Now I am rounded out and look normal. I am also the happiest I have ever been.

I also want to compliment Dr. Wolf for being such a wonderful, caring doctor. He is brilliant, and stays on the cutting edge of what’s new out there. I appreciate all the help he has given me and am very grateful that I met him.

Sally Kane

Hello Dr. Wolf,

I am feeling so much better since I began my HRT treatment using the Wiley Protocol bio-identical hormones. It is wonderful to feel normal again and that is a miracle considering I had a complete hysterectomy several years ago. After my surgery I was put on the standard synthetic hormones and was bloated, nervous all the time and gained weight. After starting the Wiley Protocol and adjusting it to my hormonal needs, I am myself again and my weight is what it was many years ago before my first pregnancy.

Thank you Dr. Wolf,
Nancy Fukushima

Dr. Wolf,

I appreciate your diagnosis of my anxiety. Testosterone shots solved this problem and gave me vigor. At 80 years old, I no longer feel tired after walking 18 holes of golf. Plus, it took several strokes off my score. Obviously my T-level was low, which caused me to nap in the afternoons. Afternoon sleepiness has now disappeared.

Many Thanks,
John Farrar

Dear Dr. Wolf,

I am writing to report the great success of the vitamin B therapy, which you prescribed to treat my peripheral neuropathy. After only a month I have realized major reductions in the symptoms in both legs, down about 90% in the right and about 70% in the left, and the trend is continuing. The annoying sense of swelling behind my toes is no longer omnipresent in my life. After years of wearing only open toed sandals I am able once again to wear shoes and dress like an adult. THANK YOU.

Robert Thacker

A Testimonial for Dr. Wolf

I was fortunate to meet Dr. Wolf four years ago. I visited him because I was not feeling energetically at my best. Also, I was, at that time, reaching a crucial juncture with my career and lifelong dreams! But, the fighting spirit, which I had my whole life and which brought me to where I was, was lacking. I felt something holding me back. I tried psychotherapy and all I got was, “You’re doing great.” In the therapist’s eyes, I had more than sufficient confidence and resourcefulness. But, I knew something was off. I was missing my creative spark! After being examined and tested by Dr. Wolf it was found that I was deficient in a number of hormones. I was then prescribed a specific and closely watched therapeutic regimen. My whole life changed in a matter of months. The areas where anxiety and fear stopped me from moving forward were gone. It’s as if I blew out of the gate. I began functioning again as I did in my twenties, except now with a life of experience to back me up. Subsequent to the start of Dr. Wolf’s treatments I wrote, directed, produced, and starred in a film that is now getting rave reviews from audiences and critics alike. Before coming to Dr Wolf, I didn’t have the confidence to go out and sell my film or myself. Doing that, for me, was a form of torture. Now, I am looking forward to someday thanking Dr. Wolf at the Oscars!

But, that is not all the help that Dr. Wolf has given me. I married this past year and my wife and I have been tying to have a baby. We tried for a number of months with no luck. I mentioned this to Dr. Wolf and he said “we have to adjust your hormone therapy and in a month, you’ll be preparing for your child”. I laughed, and took his advice, it’s now two months and we are preparing for our child! Surely this is Transformational Medicine! I look and feel years younger than my age (49), my career and family are growing, and I owe a big part of this to Dr Wolf.

Thank You, Dr. Wolf!

– Loren Haynes – Actor / director / writer

Dear Doctor Wolf,

Just want to thank you and tell you how much I appreciate the tremendous improvement I have felt since you put me on hormone replacement therapy. I have so much more energy and vitality. I don’t need to take naps any more. I have lost weight around the abdomen. I am firming up all over and feel like I have regained my youth again. Thanks so much.

John Kane

Dear Dr. Wolf,
For any considering bio-identical hormone replacement therapy:

I am a 56 year old RN whose gynecologist prescribed Premarin, the Patch, and Birth Control pills to try and ease my menopause symptoms. After a few months of feeling abnormal and poorly, I tossed them out and decided hot flashes were better than how I was feeling on unnatural hormones.

Dr. Wolf, my family Doctor, suggested I try bio-identical hormone therapy. Initially I went on static doses and within 1-2 days all my symptoms disappeared and I had no side affects of feeling poorly.

Later Dr. Wolf suggested I try the T.S. Wiley Program of cycling my hormones to mimic the normal hormonal rhythm of estrogen and progesterone a woman had before menopause. I was concerned, at first, about having to deal with periods again. After reaching the right balance of hormones to achieve a 28 day cycle with periods, I have this to say about the bonus benefits of cycling your hormones … I feel more feminine, younger, sensual, and acutely aware of being a sexual person again. I find myself dressing and even walking in a more sexy way because it is what I am feeling now. When I was on the static dose, it alleviated my symptoms but did it not make me feel youthful and feminine.

I just felt kind of flat without much awareness of my inner feminine charm I had in earlier years.

Believe me, having a period is a small thing to deal with to regain those feelings of womanliness and more heightened awareness of feeling sexy again. It is wonderful to experience these feelings at this point in my life and I am so glad to have found the right Doctor and pathway.

Susan McKibben RN