Restoring a woman’s youthful vitality, natural balance, mental clarity, emotional stability, sexuality and “joie de vivre” is the intent and goal of natural bio-identical hormone treatments for women in menopause.

Hormone replacement therapy with natural bio-identical hormones is an essential treatment for those women who have entered menopause and want to restore the vitality of their youth through menopause relief services. As women reach menopause they often struggle with an array troubling symptoms that markedly interfere with their quality of life. These symptoms include hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, mental fogginess, weight gain, irritability, mood swings, anxiety, depression, tearfulness, panic attacks, loss of sexual interest, vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, joint pain, bowel disorders, palpitations, itchy skin, urinary leakage, bloating, low back pain, and even unusual dreams. Natural bio-identical hormone replacement therapy can safely and effectively provide relief for all the menopausal symptoms while restoring a women’s youthful vitality.
Bio- Identical Hormone Treatments
There are three restorative natural bio-identical hormones that are commonly prescribed for women in menopause. These are Estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone, which are known collectively as the sex steroids. Actually the term estrogen refers to a group of three hormones, estradiol, estrone and estriol. The main estrogen and the most important hormone that is lost in menopause is estradiol.

Estradiol is the primary and quintessential female hormone. It is the hormone that gives a woman her female shape affecting structures as diverse as the breasts, buttocks, hips, pelvis and face. Estradiol keeps the skin smooth and membranes moist. It contributes to a positive mood, clear thinking and to physical endurance as well. It is essential for sexual desire and even influences the feelings of love. It is natural bio-identical estradiol that will treat all of the symptoms of menopause. Furthermore, natural bio-identical transdermal (through the skin) estradiol can prevent depression, fight fatigue, prevent bone loss as well as support bone growth, sharply reduce the risk of heart disease, support immune function, protect the brain, and keep the joints healthy.

Bio-identical Progesterone is the second hormone that is replaced in menopause. Progesterone balances the activity of Estradiol, especially in the breast and uterus. Recent research out of France indicates that natural hormone replacement therapy with bio-identical Progesterone with bio-identical Estradiol will actually lower the risk of breast cancer. Progesterone is also neuroprotective, protecting the brain and nervous system. It is a natural diuretic and, in conjunction with estradiol, will lower blood pressure. Progesterone will also often have a calming effect.

Testosterone is the final hormone used in menopause. Testosterone typically will have a very powerful effect on sex drive and mood. It also helps build the strength of your muscles and your bones. Not all women need to be placed on Testosterone.

Taken all together, Estradiol, Progesterone and Testosterone can have a very powerful and positive impact in a woman’s life.

All our patients are treated as individuals with a bio-identical hormone replacement program developed based on their unique circumstances.

A complete history and physical is performed along with extensive laboratory evaluation to develop a baseline and to assess the benefits of therapy. Follow–up visits vary, though typically there is a visit after 1 month and 3 months of therapy. Should the patient be feeling balanced and well and the labs measure in the desired range then further follow-up is three to four visits per year, generally with lab at each visit.