No one wants to age. Short of that, no one wants to age badly. The interest in aging well with grace, capacity and clarity is universal. The desire to live long and live vitally is held by all.

It is the ultimate intention of The Center for Transformational Medicine to provide the anti-aging medical services which will facilitate the process of aging well to help you restore, reclaim and maintain physical and mental vigor for as long as genetically possible.

The anti-aging medicine perspective holds that aging is a degenerative process marked fundamentally by catabolism, oxidation and inflammation and that by countering these processes aging can be slowed and in some aspects reversed.

The Four Components of Aging Well

1. Diet

Eating well is one of the twin pillars of a personal anti-aging program. Dr. Wolf recommends The Zone Diet. He has followed and taught the Zone since he met Barry Sears in February of 1995. He has not lost his enthusiasm for this remarkable diet in all this time. One thing that is particularly striking about The Zone is how often teachers in the field of Anti-Aging Medicine and Alternative and Complementary Medicine recommend it. Every presenter at every Holistic or Anti-Aging Medicine conference Dr. Wolf has attended over the years has recommended the Zone. It doesn’t matter if the expert is discussing therapeutics for cancer, cardiovascular disease, silent inflammation, brain health, menopause, andropause, somatopause, dentistry, psychiatry, weight loss, or any other topic you might consider, when it comes to the section of recommending a diet, invariably the teacher will recommend the Zone.

2. Exercise

This is the other twin pillar of anti-aging. Effective exercise targeting endurance, strength and flexibility will keep you young. No-Impact aerobics like the Eclipse or Stair Master will build endurance and protect the heart and brain without stressing the joints. Weight lifting will build muscle and bone and prevent frailty and its associated injuries. When it comes to flexibility we are reminded of that Yogic aphorism that a person’s age is not measured by their years but by the flexibility of their spine. Dr. Wolf has practiced Kundalini Yoga for 35 years and can attest to the vitality and wellbeing engendered.

3. Nutraceuticals

Nutraceuticals include vitamins, minerals, and all the various nutritional supplements that are available today to support a healthier life. They generally serve as metabolic cofactors, catalyzing all of the body’s complex biochemistry or as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory serving to protect the cells against the free radical damage which can accelerate aging.

4. Hormonal Therapy

Essential to any anti-aging program is natural bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. As we age, we become depleted in the very hormones that can offset the degenerative changes of the aging process itself. The depletion of these hormones contributes to the stigmata of aging. Repleting these hormones to a physiological and youthful level can help restore the well being of youth. Lab evaluation is used to determine an individual’s hormonal balance and if there is a deficiency discovered, natural bio-identical hormonal therapy will be recommended.

The Benefits of Our Anti-Aging Medical Program Are: