The Center for Transformational Medicine is a leader in providing holistic, integrative, weight loss & anti-aging medical care to the Orange County, CA area. The paramount objective of our services is to co-create with our patients a health care program that will enable them to manifest a life of the richest quality and greatest longevity.

Bio-Identical Hormone Treatments

We consider ourselves a Wellness and Anti-Aging oriented Integrative Internal Medicine Practice. Integrative Anti-Aging Medicine subscribes to a paradigm that there are fundamental physiological changes associated with aging which can be beneficially managed, thereby altering the trajectory of the aging curve. Central to this therapeutic approach is the use of Natural Bio-Identical Hormone Treatments for women and men. It is appropriately prescribed bio-identical hormones which confers youthful vitality onto an individual, enabling them to feel wonderfully energized and to function with a robustness associated with youthfulness. Bio-identical hormone treatments are a core expertise of this practice.

Hormone Replacement

We seek to prevent or reverse predictable health threatening conditions such as cardiovascular disease, the metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance and obesity or the not so predictable ones like cancer, and to proactively help you restore, reclaim and maintain physical and mental vigor and vitality.

Transformational Medicine also recognizes that when health and life issues emerge, be they physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual, the healing process can be transformative, affording an opportunity for spiritual expansion, resource development and personal empowerment. Facilitating this expansive transformation through heart centered depth oriented counseling is a unique expertise of this practice.

The practice is broad in scope, engaging in an eclectic array of health and life care services including Integrative Internal Medicine, Natural Hormone Replacement, Anti-Aging Treatments, Medical Weight Loss Programs, Sexual Dysfunction Treatments, Brain Health, Psychodynamic Counseling, and Cosmetic Procedures.
We look forward to the opportunity to help you!


Our mission is to provide each person with compassionate, uncompromising, holistic health care, which promotes well being, vitality and longevity in an uplifting, soothing and supportive environment.


Our vision is that all persons coming through our office will leave healed, uplifted or feeling more whole, whether through the invigoration of the mind/body, alleviation of pain and suffering, or by opening to a sense of themselves which is more empowered, more resourceful and more hopeful.